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Shelter in Place. Nora Roberts

Shelter in Place
ISBN: 9781250161598 | 448 pages | 12 Mb

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Shelter in Place Nora Roberts
Publisher: St. Martin's Press

If you are advised by the Town of Saugeen Shores' Emergency Officials to “shelter-in-place”, you must remain inside your home or office and protect yourself there. In the event of a radiation emergency, such as a nuclear power plant accident or the explosion of a dirty bomb, you may be asked to stay home and take shelter rather than try to evacuate. Detailed training information to help you develop a shelter in place plan at work. Unless the hazardous material is flammable, emergency response professionals recommend that you stay indoors until you receive instructions to leave. Sometimes an accident may cause a hazardous material to enter the air. Things to do to shelter in place: Go indoors and stay there; Close all outside doors and every door inside the building; Close all windows; Do not use bathroom vents or kitchen vents; Set thermostats so air conditioners, furnaces and hot water heaters will not come on. If you're outside when the emergency takes place, seek shelter from the hazard by entering the nearest building. During a major emergency or disaster involving the release of chemicals, biological agents, or radioactive materials you may be directed to shelter-in-place by public safety officials instead of evacuating. We all know that we will need food, water, medicines, flashlights, and sanitation supplies. The following steps will help maximize your protection: Close and lock all windows and exterior doors. Far too often, articles about sheltering in place concentrate on lists of emergency items without delving into specifics on their use or offering specific tips that could be helpful in such an event. Shelter-in-place requires that you take refuge by remaining inside the building you're in when the emergency occurs. In some instances, it may be safer to “shelter in place” than it is to leave a building, e.g. Shelter-in-place and lockdown are two options for protecting students that the Riverside County Office of Education has included in emergency plans covering a variety of crises, including fire, earthquakes, and intruders.